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Calf Sleeves

Bio Skin Calf Sleeves

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High-Level Compression, For Training and Recovery

When running, your calf muscles help raise the heel and propel you forward, while your shins provide stability and support. Not surprisingly, the two most common running injuries are shinsplints and calf strains. High-level compression allows athletes to prevent injuries, train longer and recover faster. Compression sleeves are commonly used during a run, but are also effective directly afterwards. Along with stretching, use Bio Skin as part of your post-run routine to help your legs recuperate.

Bio Skin Calf Sleeves

Bio Skin’s Calf Skin Sleeve has the unique ability to help prevent injury and aid in recovery of lower leg overuse injuries. When worn, the high-level compression helps reduce muscle vibration and increase circulation so you can train more often, feel less pain and recover faster. The distinctive SkinLok™ feature of Bio Skin material ensures the sleeve won’t slide down the leg, no matter how vigorous your activity.

To maintain comfort, Bio Skin’s material is thin and breathable allowing perspiration to evaporate keeping you cool and protected. Plus, unlike other compression sleeves, Bio Skin’s Calf Skin Sleeve will stay on your leg where you need it, so you can focus on training and not adjusting your calf sleeve.