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Thigh Supports

Bio Skin Thigh Supports

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Fight muscle fatigue with improved performance.

Why compression? When in motion, your leg muscles create high-frequency vibrations. As muscles tire, this rate of oscillations slows down weakening performance and potentially causing injury. High-level compression helps keep your muscles aligned and supported, which can fight fatigue and increase proprioception. For a pulled hamstring or muscle strains, using R.I.C.E. with good compression, is effective in speeding up recovery through decreased swelling and improved circulation.

Bio Skin Thigh Supports

A pulled hamstring or sore quad will sideline you from any intense workout. The high-level compression from Bio Skin thigh sleeves and compression shorts provide athletes with muscle control and added pain relief. The material makes the difference. Our thigh sleeves and compression shorts are made with breathable, thin, Bio Skin material which naturally regulates your temperature the same way skin does; maintaining some warmth, but allowing evaporation of perspiration to prevent discomfort or overheating.