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Ultima Compression Shorts

The high level compression provided by Bio Skin’s® Compression Shorts has been shown to improve athletic performance and endurance by decreasing muscle vibration.

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The high level compression provided by Bio Skin’s® Compression Shorts has been shown to improve athletic performance and endurance by decreasing muscle vibration. Over time, this saves energy and keeps you from feeling as tired, which can also prevent injuries. Bio Skin’s® patented, breathable Ultima material, allows moisture from your body to evaporate to keep you cool, so the shorts are comfortable to wear.
Features and Benefits
  • Reduces injuries
  • Controls muscle movements to improve recovery time after injury
  • Increases proprioception
  • Optional Groin Wrap isolates compression for groin and hamstring
  • Constructed of Bio Skin® Ultima™ material
  • 100% neoprene and latex free
Injuries Treated
  • Hip Flexor Strain
  • Iliofemoral Sprain
  • Ischiocapsular Strain
  • Quad Contusion
  • Thigh Strain
Application Instructions

  • 1. Bio Skin shorts are very compressive. Stretch the leg openings vigorously, prior to application.
  • 2. Step into the shorts. Using both hands with thumbs against the thigh and hands extended, move hands down the lower leg, gathering the material. Pull shorts up, one leg at a time, until waistband is just above the knee.
  • 3. Repeat the procedure, pulling up shorts, until waistband is at crotch level.
  • 4. Once again, gather the material, and pull over buttocks one side at a time.
  • 5. Continue pulling up to waist level. Adjust for comfort.
  • 6. Bottom of shorts should fit about 2-3” above the knee. Shorts should fit snugly in the crotch.

Applying the Groin Wrap


21Reviews For Ultima Compression Shorts

  1. Rating

    John J12/6/17


  2. Rating


    Clearly, these shorts are well made and provide very strong support for my legs. I am still adjusting to the squeeze.

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  4. Rating


    I ordered a size small as I have a 30 inch waist; I could barely get one leg into them. I would strongly suggest that who ever does the sizing for BioSkin change the sizing chart. I'm not sure if a large would even fit, so I opted not to reorder after I returned the small.

  5. Rating



  6. Rating


    This is my 7th pair of bioskin compression shorts. I am 36 years old and refuse to play active sports (baseball, basketball and tennis) without them. I have had bad hamstrings since I was a teen and these are the best supportive compression shorts I have ever worn...and I was trying new companies/products for years until I discovered bioskin. They are worth every penny "for that year" as to get maximum use and support out of them, you will need to repurchase them each year. Again worth every penny and I will continue to repurchase, because they are the best supportive hamstring/groin product I have ever worn.
    I would also order a size smaller than you would normally wear, so they are extra tight/supportive.
    With the older pairs, I have had to wear two of them at once to get what a new pair will provide, but Im also wearing them 3 days a week, 6-7months out of the year. Bioskin has definitely prolonged my playing career!

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    Really like the shorts. I think they run a tad on the small size. I have a 36" waist and got the large size (40-44). I now know what my mom went through getting into a girdle. The next size up fits much better and still maintains the compression. Maybe it was just my body shape! ;o)

  11. Rating


    Once I figured out how to get in them, they are great. I rolled the waist band down and the leg bands up ... step into them, pull them up, then rolled the legs bands down and the waist bands up. They protect my left hip flexor and abduction ligaments ... I ballroom dance and they are just what I needed for that left leg support ...

  12. Rating


    This is the third pair we have purchased after our son's groin injury. He continues to play sports because of these amazing compression shorts!

  13. Rating


    Great for a groin pull. I have had two daughters that have had to wear these for this reason.

  14. Rating


    The shorts support and protect a sore adductor allowing me to return to tennis and CrossFit activities. They do require some breaking-in before they are fully comfortable.

  15. Rating

    Michael J8/11/15

    I give it 5 stars.

  16. Rating


    17 yr old son Diagnosed with si joint pain/spondyloarthropathy.
    We thought his high school baseball playing days for this year was done, but this product keeps him in the game--decreases pain and gives support at the hips where needed. He wears it at practice and games. I'm online now to buy another pair. Can't say enough about this product.

  17. Rating


    I am a runner and am pretty apprehensive to use any type of compression short. I do not like the binding feeling. After a recent injury I was forced to look at compression shorts again. These, by far, are the best compression shorts I have ever owned! They do not slide and they are super comfortable while at the same time providing the support I need. Sounds funny, but sometimes I feel they are giving me more bounce in my step.
    Nothing out there from any of the other big providers even compares! I ordered two more pair. Bio Skin rocks!

  18. Rating


    I own 3 pair of the shorts, wear them everyday!!! Had both hips replaced as well as a second replacement(strep infection)I don't even want to go without them!!! Great great product!! And I am not paid by Bioskin !!

  19. Rating


    By far & away the best compression shorts I have ever owned, tore my hamstring playing football and got a pair, was able to continue playing (still a poor decision in retrospect) but loved training in them afterwards. Got them stolen from me and miss them so much as no other compression short even comes close to comparing with these, I am now ordering my 2nd pair. Plain & simple: these are the best. worth the price compared to Under Armour or Nike compression shorts. You regret buying these I promise you.

    Only con: after heavy usage began to separate (the layers) but this was only after extreme heavy usage (football practices, weight training, showers [don't wash them in the washer], hikes, snowshoeing etc.) so can't really complain, be nice of they were a little more durable or maybe I'm just to rough on my gear haha.

  20. Rating


    The compression Shorts work amazinly.
    If you have groin, hamstring or quad problems these shorts will help you out BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Rating

    Paul 1/3/13

    The shorts work great. They allowed my daughter to return to soccer quickly after a recent groin injury. She likes the shorts so much she now wears them regularly.

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